What Did Rodney Alcala’s Father Do To Him? A Killer’s Early Years

Rodney Alcala And Father

Rodney Alcala. Handsome, charismatic, deadly killer. His murders and participation on The Dating Game Show are what people remember about Rodney Alcala. The big question is, what turns a child into a serial killer? Take an exploration into the childhood of Rodney Alcala; perhaps there are answers. The Horrific Crimes Rodney Alcala has been convicted …

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12 Famous Serial Killers’ Last Meals

Famous Serial Killer's Last Meals

A popular question around the table at a dinner party is, what would you choose for your final meal?  While this is seen as a bit of fun to have with your dinner party guests, for many serial killers on death row, this is a reality that they need to think about.  We are continually …

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Young Charles Manson: The Early Years Of A Cult Leader

Charles Manson's Early Years

Charles Manson is one of the most infamous criminals in American history. But before he was a powerful cult leader who convinced the Manson Family to ruthlessly murder actress Sharon Tate and her friends- young Charles Manson had a troubling upbringing that led to his life of crime as he got older. The Birth of Charles Manson …

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The 13 Most Notorious Serial Killers In England

Serial Killers in England

While the United States popularized the idea of the serial killer in mass media–and remains the country with the highest number of serial killers–modern English history is full of infamous serial killers who match their American counterparts in infamy, as well as depravity. They range from career criminals to respected professionals in their field, all …

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Charles Albright: The Serial Killer Who Collected His Victim’s Eyes

Charles Albright Eyeball Serial Killer

The story of Charles Albright, Serial Killer and eyeball connoisseur, shocked the nation. The killings in Dallas, Texas, were the first of their kind as no murderer had ever removed their victim’s eyes with such surgical precision. This true crime story tells the tale of one of America’s most meticulous serial killers. Charles Albright’s Childhood Charles Frederick …

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Who Was The Son Of Sam? The Story Of David Berkowitz

Who Was The Son Of Sam David Berkowitz

In the summer of 1977, New York City’s heat was on high. The year was characterized by financial strain, a city-wide blackout, looting, burning, murder, and rape. At the heart of the chaos was the Son of Sam. Despite the largest police manhunt in New York history underway, Sam evaded capture for over a year. …

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17 Disturbing Jeffrey Dahmer Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Jeffrey Dahmer Facts

In the pantheon of American serial killers, none are quite as haunting as Jeffrey Dahmer. His crimes extended from rape to depraved murder and mutilation, although he would become famous for his torturous treatment of his victims while they still lived, and what he did with their bodies after. Dahmer’s killing spree shocked America, becoming …

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